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Winner Announced…for the Wheeleez® 2020 photo/video competition!!

WINNERS ANNOUNCED... FOR THE  2020 PHOTO/ VIDEO COMPETITION!! We received a tremendous amount of entries for this year’s Wheeleez® Photo/ Video Competition. Entries showed how useful, fun, creative and helpful our unique balloon wheels and products really are. Wheeleez® is very grateful for each and every photo and video entered. Our customers are truly amazing, smart and inventive… [...]

Wheeleez® Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper® All-Terrain Chairs… Really Do Go Anywhere!!

Wheeleez® Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper® All-Terrain Chairs... Really Do Go Anywhere!! The Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper® all-terrain chairs are specially equipped with the unique and reliable Wheeleez® polyurethane balloon wheels. Both chairs are designed to navigate challenging terrains such as soft sand, mud, gravel, rocks, water and just about anywhere a standard wheelchair cannot go. Not only is the Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper® versatile in providing access, they are also very transportable. Manufactured from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel and equipped with unique ‘drop nose pins’, provide for easy folding and quick dismantling to fit in tight spaces such as car trunks, under seats, roof pods etc.

Wheeleez® Sandcruiser now appearing on the iconic beaches of Barcelona and the EU!!

Wheeleez® Sandcruiser now appearing on the iconic beaches of Barcelona and the EU!! The Wheeleez® All-Terrain Sandcruiser® has now made its way to Europe! Starting with an adventure on the beautiful beach of Barceloneta and spending an amazing afternoon with our friend Nuria. This girl is a real volcano of positive energy, and that’s why [...]

Wheeleez® wheels and mobility products, enhancing lives everyday!!

Wheeleez® wheels and mobility products, enhancing lives everyday!! Experiencing the great outdoors is something many people take for granted. Some of the most rewarding and inspiring locations to visit are often the least accessible for those who experience physical disability. Inclusion to participate in recreational and leisure activities with family and friends is a critical dimension to having quality of life.

Wheeleez® photo/ video contest 2020

Wheeleez® photo/ video contest 2020 - share your best shots and win fantastic Wheeleez® beach carts and other prizes!! Wheeleez® announces a second Photo Contest coming soon! Share your best photos and win great prizes: Beach Carts (equipped with our Wheeleez® wheels, of course!), sun umbrellas and a cooler to keep your drinks cold during the [...]

Start planning your outdoor adventures now and enhance your lifestyle… with the Wheeleez® all-terrain/ beach wheelchair kit

Start planning your outdoor adventures now and enhance your lifestyle... with the  all-terrain/ beach wheelchair kit. Do you have an old manual wheelchair in the garage which is gathering dust, and not being used anymore? Or, you have one good manual chair you wouldn’t dream about taking down to the beach, and getting salt or sand on it? [...]

Rob Lilwall walks 71 days across the desert; his gear rolls behind him on WheelEEZ® wheels

Rob Lilwall walks 71 days across the desert; his Gear rolls behind him on WheelEEZ® wheels Let me take you on a journey...but don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your couch, just keep reading… Imagine...a solo journey. For 71 days only you… and only walking… Already sounds hard? Imagine walking across the notorious Taklamakan Desert in [...]

The WheelEEZ Sandpiper®

Go Anywhere... with the  Now everyone is included when adventuring in the great outdoors!! The Sandpiper® all-terrain chair is a vibrant yellow in colour and is specifically designed for the smaller individuals (up to 65kg/ 143 lbs.). Enjoy your favourite beach, trails, fishing and picnics in the park or just experience the water splashing over your body. [...]

The wheels for all seasons

Have you ever struggled rolling heavy objects over soft sand?  Say good-bye to wheels that dig ditches!  Introducing:  WheelEEZ® low-pressure balloon wheels! These wheels are so soft they roll effortlessly over terrain that would stop other wheels in their tracks. WheelEEZ® wheels are soft and wide to effectively disperse the load over a large area which makes rolling over [...]

Easy set up for your WheelEEZ® all-terrain conversion kit

You have finally purchased your Conversion Kit and you are all excited to try it out on the beach, right? We bet you can’t wait to finally get there and enjoy some fun beach days! But you need to add the kit to your chair first. No worries, that will be easy! Your Conversion Kit arrives in the boxes [...]

The perfect fishing cart

In your choice of a fishing cart, it is important to put a premium on quality. WheelEEZ® Beach Cart, with its low-pressure balloon wheels, is the leader in beach wheel technology.  WheelEEZ® balloon wheels are designed to minimize drag along soft sand and all challenging terrains. You only need to exert a small amount of force to push or pull the cart through the softest of sand. The wheels will not sink or plow into soft sand or any other unstable surfaces. The tub is made from low-density polyethylene, the handle and kickstand are made from marine grade aluminum, the fittings are made from stainless steel, and the wheels are made from polyurethane.  So it's perfect for the beach.  It's unlikely you'll overload this cart as the capacity is 100 kg (220 lbs).  

WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit makes beach days accessible — original post by Simply Emma —

Going to the beach is something a lot of people take for granted. For wheelchair users, going to the beach is difficult. The simple fact that sand and wheelchairs just don’t go. Well, that used to be the case. Now, beach days are possible thanks to amazing beach wheelchairs. They are popping up more and more at beaches all over. Recently I received a WheelEEZ® beach wheelchair conversion kit and it’s been super exciting. Beach days are possible again and I couldn’t be happier about it. So who fancies joining us for a BBQ on the beach?

WheelEEZ® proven reliability that Lifeguards count on

The WheelEEZ® PWC Dolly (WZ1-D36) is regularly used by Lifeguards, Life Savers and Jet Ski enthusiasts throughout the world. If you need to move your PWC over sand, rocks, mud or uneven terrain, the WheelEEZ® PWC/Jet Ski Dolly series can assist you. The superior quality of WheelEEZ® low-pressure polyurethane balloon wheels provide you with the reliability and durability needed to get you wherever you need to go. Go anywhere with WheelEEZ®!!

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