You have finally purchased your Conversion Kit and you are all excited to try it out on the beach, right?
We bet you can’t wait to finally get there and enjoy some fun beach days!
But you need to add the kit to your chair first. No worries, that will be easy!
Your Conversion Kit arrives in the boxes so first you need to, is take everything out of the box. You might want to use a manual that comes together with your product, which is helpful and well explained.

So here we go! Begin with taking your front and back wheels off your manual wheelchair. The next step is fitting the ‘L’ shape brackets to the frame of your wheelchair. These brackets are fitted at the back of the chair to connect with the axle and two large WheelEEZ® balloon wheels. The wheels won’t slide off from the axle, thanks to quick click pins, then placed on the axle. The full Conversion Kit consists of two wheels at the rear, one wheel in the front, two axles connecting them together and a caster. Nuts and bolts are used to hold everything in place. When the front wheel and caster is in place, you have now your own Beach Wheelchair, and you are good to go!

For the detailed instructions on how to install the Conversion Kit, watch the short videos.

Front Kit

Rear Kit

You can also read about the fun beach day experience with Conversion Kit at Simply Emma’s blog:

We wish you many beautiful sunny days on the beach!