Start planning your outdoor adventures now and enhance your lifestyle…
with the  all-terrain/ beach wheelchair kit.

Do you have an old manual wheelchair in the garage which is gathering dust, and not being used anymore? Or, you have one good manual chair you wouldn’t dream about taking down to the beach, and getting salt or sand on it? Well, Wheeleez® now offer an ‘All-terrain/ beach wheelchair kit (ATK) which fits easily to most manual chairs, without any drilling!!

Our Australian distributor, Beachwheels Australia in conjunction with ‘Have Wheelchair Will Travel’, recently ran an online competition in which a lucky lady won a Wheeleez® all-terrain kit.

Team Jodie writes:Receiving the Wheeleez® Conversion Kit has made such a difference for our family, including my girls (9 and 7) to go to the beach together. Apart from being able to go to the beach for the first time in years, the highlight for me was once again feeling the exhilaration of cold beach water in my crutch!! (too much information, ha ha). It also now provides the whole family with the opportunity to spend many important hours together.”

The Wheeleez® conversion kit now allows the whole family to enjoy the great outdoors.

A smiling Jodie enjoying quality family time at the beach.

Wheeleez® also offer a very light inexpensive and comfortable manual chair, which the all-terrain kit fits extremely well to. If you have a chair which you may not want to take to the beach, and don’t have an old chair laying around, Wheeleez® can solve the problem for you.

Now everyone is included! Enjoy your favourite beach, trails, fishing and picnics in the park, or just experience the water splashing over your body with the whole family. Wheeleez® polyurethane balloon wheels are designed to navigate challenging terrains such as soft sand, mud, gravel, rocks etc. while also performing great over hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt also.

The WheelEEZ® lightweight aluminium chair, with conversion kit attached.

Another successful WheelEEZ® all-terrain conversion kit fitted.

The Wheeleez® all-terrain kit consists of 3 wheels… one swivelling front wheel which makes turning a breeze, and another 2 wheels at the rear. Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, this kit will never rust, no matter how many times you go to the beach. For the detailed instructions on how to install the Conversion Kit, watch the short videos or visit our web site.

You can also read about the fun beach day experience with Conversion Kit at Simply Emma’s blog:


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