Wheeleez® photo/ video contest 2020 – share your best shots and win fantastic Wheeleez® beach carts and other prizes!!

Wheeleez® announces a second
Photo Contest coming soon!

Share your best photos and win great prizes: Beach Carts (equipped with our Wheeleez® wheels, of course!), sun umbrellas and a cooler to keep your drinks cold during the hot summer!

After being kept indoors for so long, everyone is looking forward to enjoy the great outdoors, including the soft sand beaches, ocean, forests and mountains!
Take your Wheeleez® product with you and capture the moment!

Enter any of the competition categories:

  • Best Photo
  • Most Fun use
  • Greatest Creative Use 
  • Best Video

Ah, don’t forget to have fun!!

The Wheeleez® photo contest is open for entries from 15.06.2020 to 21.09.2020.

Entry is via our Social Media channels:  

Make sure to follow the WheeleezHQ account on both Facebook and Instagram!

We are all very excited and can’t wait to see your amazing pictures!

All details, rules and conditions will be available shortly on our website www.apsl.com.hk and social media. Stay tuned!

Previous APSL photo competition winners

Rob Lilwall – Winner of the ‘Best Photo’, 2017 APSL Photo/ Video Competition

During 2017, Rob Trekked across China’s deadly ‘Taklamakan Desert’ solo in 71 days!! Equipped with his self-designed cart to carry provisions and emergency equipment, Wheeleez® 30cm wheels were an integral part of his journey’s success.

Phillip Thornton – ‘Best Industrial Use’ 2017 APSL Photo/ Video Competition

The New Zealanders certainly are creative!! Phillip Thornton designed and engineered a mobile jetty/ pontoon using 4x 8m jetty sections using 12x WZ1-49UC (48 WZ1-49UC in total). A tractor is used to pull the jetty in and out of the water… it works so well we have been informed and another Jetty is planned for 2018!!

Brevard Zoo – ‘Most Unique Use’ 2017 APSL Photo/ Video Competition

Brevard Zoo/ Sea Turtle Healing Centre (Melbourne, Florida) showed us all how important Wheeleez® wheels are to their organisation with the transporting of heavy Turtles over soft sand with ease throughout the summer season. Wheeleez® is proud of being of assistance to many marine mammal and animal rescue organisations such as Brevard Zoo.

Daniel Bevilacqua – ‘Most Fun Use’ 2017 APSL Photo/ Video Competition

This push cart is fun!! Equipped with 4x WZ1-49UC Wheeleez® wheels, Daniel Bevilacqua’s grandkids steer themselves all around the beach, while Daniel pushes… all summer long!!

Emmett Chupp – ‘Best Video’ 2017 APSL Photo/ Video Competition

A truly deserved winner of the ‘Best Video’. Emmett has gone to a lot of effort with the production quality of his video entry, and also with the conveying of the benefits Wheeleez® offers… in this case, by allowing a heavily laden wagon for an entire family of beach needs, on an epic trek through paths, over sand dunes etc. to arrive a secluded beach all to themselves.