Have you ever struggled rolling heavy objects over soft sand?  Say good-bye to wheels that dig ditches! 

Introducing:  WheelEEZ® low-pressure balloon wheels! These wheels are so soft they roll effortlessly over terrain that would stop other wheels in their tracks. WheelEEZ® wheels are soft and wide to effectively disperse the load over a large area which makes rolling over soft sand, muddy trails, and other challenging surfaces nearly effortless.  Compared to regular utility wheels, WheelEEZ® wheels practically float on the ground and effectively flatten a wide path in sand instead of digging ditches.

WheelEEZ® wheels are proudly made from 100% USA materials, and have excellent rebound characteristics which greatly reduce bouncing. Ideal for effortlessly rolling your beach gear and other essential items across the softest of sand.

There are several other advantages from purchasing WheelEEZ® wheels. The wheels come with either self-lubricating bushings or stainless steel ball bearings, stainless steel fittings, and a recessed brass air valve.  WheelEEZ® wheels come in four sizes, so you can haul anything from a cooler to a jet-ski.  

WheelEEZ® wheels not only offer superior quality, but they also give you the durability and reliability that only WheelEEZ® offers.

Attaching wheels to most any gear is super easy. There are WheelEEZ® Wheel/Axle kits that are designed for DIY projects. A hardware kit is included to attach this Wheel/Axle kit to generators, carts, boxes, or whatever. Also available is an optional Universal Bracket Kit  to attach the Wheel/Axle kit to things like a plastic cooler that would not lend itself to attaching hardware. Punctured tires? That’s highly unlikely, but also it’s no problem. For minor punctures, the tire can be repaired easily with a soldering iron to melt the area surrounding a small puncture. 

If hauling gear is a problem for you, WheelEEZ® balloon wheels have you covered!