Wheeleez® Sandcruiser now appearing on the iconic beaches of Barcelona and the EU!!

The Wheeleez® All-Terrain Sandcruiser® has now made its way to Europe! Starting with an adventure on the beautiful beach of Barceloneta and spending an amazing afternoon with our friend Nuria. This girl is a real volcano of positive energy, and that’s why helping Nuria access the beach was an incredible pleasure for us. On a daily basis Nuria uses her electric wheelchair which cannot navigate through the soft sand, or anywhere near the water. Even though she lives in the  coastal city, Nuria rarely has a chance to actually enjoy the beach.

Read a firsthand report from Nuria on that amazing day…

´Last winter I had the opportunity to meet the Wheeleez team and experience the fantastic Sandcruiser® all-terrain/ beach wheel chair. It was such a good experience and a great day, given that we didn’t realize how cold in December it actually was! It is a very comfortable chair, first of
all because of its practical dimensions, backrest and large wheels that prevent sudden movements and bumps when rolling on the sand (also for greater safety). Secondly, it is a perfect transfer height and it is very comfortable for both the person who helps, and the person with a disability. I had the fantastic opportunity to comfortably access across the sand, along the seashore (with soaking included by the waves) and next to the rocks, like a mermaid. For the person who pushes the chair it also seems easy and light, my father was delighted!

I felt really good and I think beach wheel chairs that are so complete like this, should be on all beaches, because they are a tool that gives us – people with disabilities, a greater freedom and facilities inclusion to experience with our families and friends. It helps us to go by land and sea, and these kind of things are what also help us to fly! Thanks again to the team for the excellent treatment and I hope to repeat my experience soon with the Sandcruiser!´

All of us here at Team Wheeleez are also looking forward to repeating that joyful experience with Nuria and the Sandcrusier®.

Other great new products available in Wheeleez® Mobility range include the Sandpiper®, (smaller version of the Sandcruiser®) which comes in a head turning brilliant yellow upholstery, the All-Terrain Rollator and the All-Terrain Conversion Kit (for standard wheelchair conversion).

Sandcruiser® now available in NEW ‘ARUBA’ upholstery!!

Wheeleez® All Terrain Conversion Kit

Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator

Mobility products…
now bringing happiness and freedom to all the beaches across Europe and the world!!

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