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AVAILABLE NOW!! The NEW Wheeleez™ Boat Launching Wheels… for inflatables, dinghies and small boats up to 3.6 m

Inflatables, dinghies and small boats (up to 110kg) are now easily transported over all terrains including, soft sand, mud, rocks and gravel. Features include: - Fitted with Wheeleez™ “Go-Anywhere” 30cm PU balloon wheels - Simple 4-bolt installation - Ideal for soft sand and challenging terrain - Lifts the boat (and propeller) high off the ground. Distance pivot to ground: 68cm (26.5") - Versatile operation for stow & deploy, inside or outside of the boat - Axle arms are removable or can be permanently attached to the boat (via locking clips) - 316 stainless steel frame and hardware - Weight per arm (including wheel): 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) - For use with outboards up to 15 HP - Max load capacity: 110kg/ 240 lbs (per pair) - For use on portable boats up to 3.6 m (12ft.) - May not suit all transom and engine configurations

UPDATE: ‘Multiple Turtle Trolleys’ by Wheeleez™ come to the Rescue of Vulnerable Sea Turtles

They’ve been dubbed ‘turtle trollies’. These ingenious contraptions, made from modified Wheeleez™ Dolly 12 (WZ1-D12) personal watercraft transporters, are helping save dozens of vulnerable sea turtles – not to mention the weary backs of their volunteer rescuers! Hervey Bay-based non-profit Turtles in Trouble Rescue Inc turned to Beachwheels Australia in 2022 as it struggled to save sick, injured, and stranded sea turtles from death on the Fraser Coast. The dedicated volunteer rescue group, headed by Lisa Turner, was launched in 2021 as turtle rescues skyrocketed. Rescues had risen from an average of 10 a year to 60 in 2021 and 140 last year as a series of catastrophic floods destroyed their main food source, seagrass. This led to ‘soft shell syndrome’ and lethargy in the turtle population, exposing them to boat strikes as the creatures spent more time on the surface.

Summer in Australia

Summer… the most favourite of the seasons for many of us! Whenever it is summer, think Wheeleez®! Australia is one of the lucky places right now where summer is just commencing. Boating, Jet Skiing and Surfing, are just a few examples of how Australians spend their free time during the summer months. Our Australian distributor are already busy filling orders with all those products which make life easy in accessing beaches and those hard to get to places!

Transport your kayak or canoe with Wheeleez® this spring/summer season!!

Who doesn’t like to take a kayak and go on an adventure? Paddling through the sea/ocean/river, racing with friends or going solo fishing – kayaking is one of the most favoured water sports! But it’s not easy to carry a heavy kayak over the soft sand, right? We have all experienced the hard work it can be.

Rob Lilwall walks 71 days across the desert; his gear rolls behind him on WheelEEZ® wheels

Rob Lilwall walks 71 days across the desert; his Gear rolls behind him on WheelEEZ® wheels Let me take you on a journey...but don’t worry, you don’t have to leave your couch, just keep reading… Imagine...a solo journey. For 71 days only you… and only walking… Already sounds hard? Imagine walking across the notorious Taklamakan Desert in [...]

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