The NEW Wheeleez™ Boat Launching Wheels…
for inflatables, dinghies and small boats up to 3.6 m

Inflatables, dinghies and small boats (up to 110kg) are now easily transported over all terrains including, soft sand, mud, rocks and gravel.

Features include:

  • Fitted with Wheeleez™ “Go-Anywhere” 30cm PU balloon wheels
  • Simple 4-bolt installation
  • Ideal for soft sand and challenging terrain
  • Lifts the boat (and propeller) high off the ground. Distance pivot to ground: 68cm (26.5″)
  • Versatile operation for stow & deploy, inside or outside of the boat
  • Axle arms are removable or can be permanently attached to the boat (via locking clips)
  • 316 stainless steel frame and hardware
  • Weight per arm (including wheel): 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
  • For use with outboards up to 15 HP
  • Max load capacity: 110kg/ 240 lbs (per pair)
  • For use on portable boats up to 3.6 m (12ft)
  • May not suit all transom and engine configurations

Within 1 week of releasing the Wheeleez™ Boat Launching Wheels (WZ1-BLW-30) we have a great testimonial to share from one of our New Zealand

I purchased the Boat Launching Wheels from Wheeleez™ for my 2.4m semi-inflatable tender. I needed the rugged balloon wheels to travel over rocky shallows and sharp stones at low tide. The wheels fitted well either side of my 5HP outboard and were quite straightforward to install onto the transom. I spent a little while to make sure I had enough hand access to the black knobs before marking the holes. My transom is solid aluminium so sealing the holes was simple and I opted to use the large plate for local reinforcement. I chose not to fit the locking clips as I wanted to remove the wheels and store them on my main boat.
Using the wheels was easy and I like the way you can either use the black knobs or just grab the arm to move them. The balloon wheels pop up out of the water when released from the bracket and clip easily in the up position. When up, I was able to steer the outboard throughout most of the range but inevitably the arms block the tiller at acute angles. Moving the wheels from up to down while inside the boat is easy – they just fall down once released, then take a bit of effort to push under the water. The arm slips into the bracket nicely without having to look too closely. I liked the way these wheels went deep under the prop which allowed me to motor right up to the shore without titling up the outboard, then get out in the shallows. The high ride height was a big advantage not just when ashore but for cleaning down and refuelling the engine.

I would certainly recommend the Wheeleez™ boat launching wheels to anyone wanting easy access over soft sand or any uneven terrain.

– Jon Lxxxxxxx.. Auckland NZ

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