Summer in Australia

Summer… the most favourite of the seasons for many of us! Whenever it is summer, think Wheeleez®!

Australia is one of the lucky places right now where summer is just commencing. Boating, Jet Skiing and Surfing, are just a few examples of how Australians spend their free time during the summer months. Our Australian distributor are already busy filling orders with all those products which make life easy in accessing beaches and those hard to get to places!

Wheeleez® offers an extensive selection of water sports products… Surfing, SUP, Kayak, PWC/ Jet Ski and small boats are all well catered for with Wheeleez®.

Australia is famous for its surfing lifestyle. Board riding clubs use Wheeleez® regularly to transport heavy tents, speakers and other heavy equipment needed for surfing contests. Garie Boardriders (NSW) shown below using 4x BWA Wagons to easily transport their contest equipment through the soft sand.

Long Reef Surf Lifesaving Club (NSW) also know how to make club members life easier! Shown below, using Wheeleez® 49cm balloon wheels in a custom-made dolly that transports as many as 34 surf boards at once! Access soft sand, gravel and any uneven surfaces, carrying whatever you need!

Brandon Rambo launches his Jet Ski easily with the Wheeleez® D24 PWC/Jet Ski Dolly from a local beach in CA and surfs his secret spots 10 miles offshore!

Waves are not for everyone though. The safer and more relaxed option for summer water adventures could well be kayaking. If you want to move your kayak over the soft sand or any other difficult terrain, look no further than Wheeleez® kayak carts. Transport all types of kayaks effortlessly with Wheeleez®.

For the fishing enthusiasts… pack all your necessary equipment onto Wheeleez® Beach Cart Folding, and go out find that prized catch!

If you prefer chilled family time at the beach… We completely understand that too! Two umbrellas, three beach chairs, a full cooler, loudspeaker, volley ball, snorkeling equipment for kids and food for everyone – checked! Now pack it all into your green Wheeleez® Beach Cart and you are ready to go!

Contact your nearest Wheeleez® distributor to assist you with accessing where YOU need to go!!

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