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Who doesn’t like to take a kayak and go on an adventure? Paddling through the sea/ocean/river, racing with friends or going solo fishing – kayaking is one of the most favoured water sports! But it’s not easy to carry a heavy kayak over the soft sand, right? We have all experienced the hard work it can be.

Wheeleez® kayak carts are equipped with unique low pressure balloon wheels that will move your canoe or kayak with ease over the most difficult surfaces (rocks, sand, mud etc.). No more struggle, Wheeleez® kayak carts make transport a breeze! Easy loading and unloading ensures getting to the beach, mountain, or lake with your kayak is simple!

The Wheeleez® Kayak cart range includes:

Wheeleez® Kayak Cart Mini (KCM)  is designed specifically for touring kayaks and is collapsible to fit into most kayak deck hatches including smaller day hatches. Equipped with 24 cm polyurethane wheels to transport your kayak easily over soft sand and other challenging surface terrain. Carries up to 55 kg (121 lbs).

‘I have had this cart (Kayak Cart Mini) for several months now and it is awesome! My BF and I use it to put our ocean Kayaks on them plus our fishing gear to move them from the parking lot to the beach. The cart surprisingly holds quite a lot of weight and is so very easy to steer and roll over sand, and, of course, concrete. Saved my arm and back muscles, which is a total bonus after you have spent hours paddling.’ – Dianne, CT, USA

The KCM is great for stowing into most kayak deck hatches.

Wheeleez® Kayak Cart Beach (KCB) 
The KCB has a larger frame, larger wheels and an increased payload over the Kayak Cart Mini… The Wheeleez® Kayak Cart Beach is equipped with 30 cm Polyurethane Beach Wheels to transport your canoe or kayak with ease over soft sand and other challenging surface terrains. Carries up to 80 kg (176 lbs). Strong marine grade anodized aluminum tubing (3 mm wall thickness) means it is built to last. Includes 1 pair of 4 m (13′) tie down straps to secure your kayak to the cart.

‘I bought the kayak cart with the larger wheels (KCB). I always struggled bringing my 17 foot kayak uphill in the sand after a 3 hour paddle but even though I struggled I just thought of my struggle as an additional workout until…One day as I was carrying my kayak and had to turn around I almost hit a child because I was unable to control my kayak. I had seen a man with your Wheeleez easily moving from the water uphill in the sand with a heavy fishing kayak and, another friend had used your large wheels on his double kayak trailer and told me to buy yours. I read all the great reviews and when I came home that day I ordered mine. Should have done it a long time ago. I even use it to move my 200-pound (90 kg) fiberglass 32 foot ladder on uneven grass! Quality product’. – Sharon Sacks, AU

The versatile KCB… used for transporting not just kayak and canoes!!

Wheeleez® also offer the award-winning Kayak Canoe Carts with Tuff Tires which are maintenance free and tires that never go flat!!…

No matter where you are planning to adventure to in your kayak or canoe this spring/summer, Wheeleez® has the transport systems to get you there… with ease.

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