Wheeleez™ Boat Launching Wheels

Go Anywhere with the Wheeleez™ Boat Launching Wheels. Suitable for inflatables, dinghies and small boats up to 3.6m in length.

  • Fitted with Wheeleez™ “Go-Anywhere” 30cm PU balloon wheels.
  • Simple 4-bolt installation.
  • Ideal for soft sand and challenging terrain.
  • Lifts the boat (and propeller) high off the ground. Distance pivot to ground: 68cm (26.5”).
  • Versatile operation for stow & deploy, inside or outside of the boat.
  • Axle arms are removable or can be permanently attached to the boat (via locking clips).
  • 316 stainless steel frame and hardware.
  • Weight per arm (including wheel): 3.5kg (7.7 lbs).
  • For use with outboards up to 15HP.
  • Max load capacity: 110kg/ 240 lbs. (per pair).
  • For use on portable boats up to 3.6m (12ft).
  • May not suit all transom and engine configurations.


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a) L axle arm (1)
b) R axle arm (1)
c) Mounting bracket (2)
d) Locking clip (2)


e) M8x30 (5/16 x 1 ¼”) bolt (4)
f) Small washer (4)
g) Large washer (4)
h) Nyloc nut (4)
i) Spreader plate (2)
j) R-clip, for wheels (2)
k) Locking bolt & nut (M5x30 or 3/16 x 1 ¼”) for 2 wheels.


l) 2x WZ1-30UC balloon wheels with 25.4mm (1”) bearings (2)


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