Wheeleez® Boat Dolly with 26 cm Tuff Tire Wheels

WheelEEZ® Boat Dolly with 26 cm Tuff Tire Wheels is adjustable, carries up to 113 kg (250 lbs). Works best on firm or hard surface terrain.

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Wheel Type: 26 cm Tuff Tire Wheel works best on firm or hard surface terrain
Maximum Payload: 113 kg (250 lbs)
Minimum width: 108cm (with 49cm Balloon Wheels) – achieved by sliding Stanchions all the way in past inner holes – eliminating the Wire Lock Pins.
Frame Length: Minimum: 244 cm (96″) Maximum: 315 cm (124″)
Frame Width: Minimum: 152 cm (60″) Maximum: 241 cm (95″)
Beam Width: Minimum: 137 cm (54″) Maximum: 226 cm (89″)
Upright Stanchion Height: Minimum: 36 cm (14″) Maximum: 46 cm (18″)
Frame: Anodized Aluminum
Hardware: Stainless Steel

Boat Dolly Frame Includes:
4-MainFrame Sections
2-Assembled Uprights With Rollers
1-Assembled Bow Stop Roller
1-Cross Strap
2-Axles With Quick Clip Pins
7-Wire Lock Pins
1-Handle With Foam Grip
1-Foam Bow Stop Bumper

WheelEEZ® Boat Dolly


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