wheels perform in the Arctics!

Wheeleez® wheels have been used over many years by professionals for a multitude of different purposes. Wheeleez® has been tasked for deserts expeditions, lifeguards daily work, the movie industry, and even into the wildest wild – across Canada’s northernmost island together with John Dunn and his fellow traveler Clive Rubens.

John Dunn is a wilderness traveler and photographer with a passion for the vast and rugged landscapes of the Canadian Arctic, and has organized and successfully completed over 20 arctic expeditions, totaling over 1100 days in the field.

The ‘Ellesmere Light’ expedition was all about doing more with less – over 55 days, 250km and 100kg of provisions carted. It was a challenge to use as little equipment as possible but carrying enough food for 55 days over the variety of terrain. The two adventurers started pulling a sled on the melting sea ice for 250 km. Then, out came the Wheeleez® wheels onto the sled, hauling it for a further 250 km before hiking the last 250 km.

With the ability to handle harsh Arctic conditions, and temperatures between -30C and +70C, Wheeleez® wheels consistently keep proving they really do go anywhere! Wheeleez® balloon wheels are designed for the special missions, as well as for daily use in difficult terrain such as: sand, snow, mud, gravel, rocks and just about anywhere you can think of.

When purchasing Wheeleez®, feel secure in knowing that only Wheeleez® wheels can adjust to any type of terrain and just about all weather conditions (4 seasons of the year/ anywhere around the world)! Wheeleez® offer durability, reliability, superior quality and worldwide warranty.

If you would like to know more about John Dunn’s expeditions, visit the website: https://arcticlight.com/talks/ellesmere/ellesmere-light-description.html