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At Team Wheeleez®, we really felt we had to share our latest ‘All-Terrain Rollator’ (ATR) feedback, which was forwarded by one of our valued customers in Australia. The ATR is the newest product addition to the Wheeleez® mobility range, and is already proving to be very popular. Being provided customer feedback like Jamie’s below, makes all our hard work worthwhile. Please read Jamie Martin’s story…

Thank you very much for the beach rollator, which arrived safely yesterday. Jamie assembled the walker last night and tried it out on one our local beaches at Queenscliff (Victoria) this afternoon. I’ve attached some photos.

Jamie Martin, aged 52, from Geelong Victoria purchased a beach rollator in January 2021. Jamie lives with terminal acute myeloid leukemia, which was diagnosed in November 2020. Prior to his illness Jamie and his wife Phillipa used to walk their dogs on the beach at Queenscliff every weekend.
Since becoming ill, however, Jamie had become dependent on a four wheel walker which could not be taken on the beach. One of Jamie’s goals on his bucket list was to walk on the beach again, a goal which seemed impossible. Until Phillipa found the beach rollator on your company’s website. Now, thanks to the Wheeleez rollator, Jamie and Phillipa, and the dogs have resumed their beach walks. We hope that these will continue for many weekends to come. 

Many thanks again for all of your help. Jamie was so happy to finally walk on the beach again today.

Best regards, Phillipa Martin

The New Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator allows you to access all those places you have always wanted to go… beaches, parks, trails, gardening… plus the previously hard to get to areas. Wheeleez® wheels are specifically designed to navigate challenging terrains like soft sand, mud, gravel, grass, rocks, etc. Plus, Wheeleez® wheels are great over hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. The Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator is specially designed to give you the option to go off-road or use as a conventional Rollator. Our wider Wheeleez® polyurethane wheels (when compared to conventional Rollator wheels) allow you a safer and more stable base to walk with, giving you added confidence to experience the great outdoor with ease.


  • Ultra-lightweight anodized aluminum frame
  • Mesh storage compartment
  • Padded seating and backrest
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Folds for easy transport
  • 3 Year Warranty on Frame
  • 24 Months Warranty of Wheels and Upholstery
    * When completing manufacturer’s warranty registration

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