Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club: Leading the Way in Beach Accessibility with Wheeleez™ Beach Wheelchairs

In a world where inclusivity and accessibility are paramount, Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club in New Zealand, has emerged as a beacon of change and progress. Through their commitment to providing 100% accessibility, they have not only transformed their facilities but also revolutionized beach access for individuals with mobility challenges. At the heart of this transformation are the Wheeleez™ all-terrain/ beach wheelchairs… the Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper® beach wheelchairs have become a symbol of empowerment and inclusivity for the entire community.

A Commitment to Accessibility: In early 2021, Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club made a bold commitment to ensuring accessibility for all. They began by bringing a ‘disability lens’ to all their facilities and activities, including the construction of wheelchair ramps for easy access to their main building. Recognizing the need for beach access, they embarked on a journey to make their coastline more inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

Investment in the Wheeleez™ Beach Wheelchairs: Thanks to the support of the Tu Manawa Active Aotearoa fund, Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club was able to invest in the Wheeleez™ Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper® all-terrain chairs, catering to both adults and children. These Wheeleez™ beach wheelchairs quickly became a vital resource for the community, providing individuals with mobility challenges the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the beach like never before.

Community Use and Education: The beach wheelchairs at Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club were not limited to club members; they were made available for public use, fostering a sense of inclusivity and community spirit. To ensure the safe and responsible use of the chairs, the club provided thorough risk analysis, education, and induction training to Surf Lifeguards and patrolling members. This commitment to safety and education ensured that everyone could enjoy the beach with confidence. Wheeleez™ 100% polyurethane balloon wheels allow the user to navigate over sand, rocks, mud and just about any uneven terrain imaginable.

Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club understood that true progress requires collaboration. They partnered with Camp Waipu Cove, Waipu Cove Reserve Board, and Parafed Northland to improve beach accessibility further. Together, they built concrete paths and ramps, making the beach more accessible and user-friendly for beach wheelchair users. This collaborative effort not only enhanced accessibility but also built awareness and understanding of people with disabilities within the community.

Inspiring Change: The impact of Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club’s initiative has extended far beyond their own shores. Other Surf Life Saving clubs and organizations have taken notice and are rolling out more beach wheelchairs and Wheeleez™ All Terrain Rollators for their beaches. By leading by example, Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club has inspired change and sparked a movement towards greater inclusivity and accessibility in coastal communities across New Zealand and worldwide.


Congratulations to Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club for their unwavering commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. Through their dedication and innovative approach, they have transformed their coastline into a place where everyone, regardless of mobility challenges, can enjoy the beauty of the beach. With Wheeleez™ beach wheelchairs leading the way, Waipu Cove Surf Life Saving Club has set a shining example for communities everywhere, proving that with determination and collaboration, barriers can be broken, and inclusivity can flourish.

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