“For the first time in three years…
I walked over 3000 steps!”

Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Rachel Burns recently completed a major milestone, thanks to her own drive and determination and the help of the Wheeleez® All-Terrain / Beach Rollator.

Rachel, 44, who lives in Mullaloo in Perth (Western Australia), has had MS for the past 10 years but it hasn’t dampened the former fitness instructor’s spirit and her love of all things outdoors – from going to the beach, camping or community events and activities.

Thanks to the Wheeleez® All-Terrain / Beach Rollator, she was able to not only take part but also fully enjoy one such community event, the annual Activate Tree Planting Festival at Wave Rock.

The three-day festival, at one of WA’s most iconic natural landmarks which lies four hours east of Perth, involved community members planting 50,000 native seedlings as well as other activities including camping, dancing, workshops and live music.

The trusty Wheeleez® All-Terrain / Beach Rollator provided balance and stability over the tricky terrain while providing the security and support to take part in all the seed planting activities, clocking up more than 3000 steps in a day along the way.

  • all terrain rollator
  • all terrain rollator

“It felt amazing,” Rachel said.

“When you have something like MS, it can be intimidating and even scary to venture into the outdoors, but I’m a bit of a daredevil and will have a go at just about anything.

“I felt a great sense of accomplishment at being able to take part in a community event like this alongside able-bodied people.

“The all-terrain walker just gave me the stability and peace of mind to get out and give it a go. I would go so far as to call it life-changing, really.”

Aside from the freedom and independence the Wheeleez® All-Terrain / Beach Rollator gave her, Rachel said she also loved the fact that it was so portable and easy to transport.

“It folds up nice and compact to get it easily into the car,” she said.

Rachel said she was now looking forward to using the Wheeleez® All-Terrain / Beach Rollator on a camping trip to Exmouth, as well as going to beach.

She is one of many people with disabilities worldwide whose lives are being changed with the help of Wheeleez™ mobility products, including walkers and beach and all-terrain wheelchairs.

All Wheeleez® devices are unique in mobility products so unique is their ingenious 100% polyurethane low-pressure tires, making them durable and adaptable to all environments and the toughest terrain.

With the ability to go anywhere, people with disabilities can freely experience beaches, parks, and other outdoor locations which were previously inaccessible, and enjoy the outdoors as anyone else would.

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