customers love the new All-Terrain Rollator!!

Being provided the wonderful feedback and listening to our customers, is how Wheeleez® strives to keep improving and innovating its products. The latest addition to our worldwide mobility product line, is the Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator!!

 Testimonials are already flowing in, proving the hard work and efforts put in by ’Team Wheeleez®’ have all been worthwhile.

The initial outing with the Wheeleez Rollator was great! My mother was able to easily navigate the beach that we’d last walked together on years ago. This was simply not possible with her standard rollator. After the morning spent beach combing, she kept using it for the short walk into town for lunch where the streets and sidewalks were no problem. We are thrilled my mother can get outside, move more, and enjoy the fresh air. This rollator is worth the money and has great quality. Thank you to the inventor and best regards,

Greta G., New Jersey, USA

I bought a Wheeleez® ATR for my 86-year old father. To everyone’s delight, he was immediately able to walk faster, further, and much more easily on the beach than before. Another specific difficulty had been gravel paths. Trying to go for a walk on gravel with a “conventional” rollator was hard work and frustrating for him. In contrast, the Wheeleez® has been able to handle rough terrain with ease, right from the first outing. He finds it extremely easy to use and can now walk much longer distances without stopping. Instead of being confined to the small patio/terrace by the house, he can now go and explore all around. He is often stopped by the curious strangers offering comments like “Love the design!”, “Where did you get those wheels?”, “Looks like a quality product.”, “I can see that would work well.” Overall, I am thrilled to see the immediate positive difference that the Wheeleez® ATR has made in my father’s life mentally and physically. I feel it is allowing to rediscover his adventurous self.

Gary S., Southern California, USA

While it did take a little extra time in creating the final version of the Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator, the many changes made and new ideas implemented have assisted in providing THE BEST, and most enjoyable experience for our customers… this Rollator is designed for special missions!

With the Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator, you will suffer no more walking through all the challenging off-road terrains such as soft sand, mud, gravel, grass, rocks, cobblestones. You don’t have to worry about concrete or bitumen roads either!

What also makes our new Rollator a perfect choice? Its ultra-lightweight anodized aluminum frame, mesh storage compartment, padded seating & backrest and adjustable handle height. It also easily folds for easy transport PLUS, Wheeleez® is currently offering a 3-year warranty!

Wait no more, purchase the new Wheeleez® Rollator for yourself or your loved one, and allow it to bring you a totally new experience when enjoying the great outdoors!

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Go Anywhere with the Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator!!