A Beach Wheeling Community Success Story

Reach the Beach , with a little Wheeleez® help, has been heralded as an amazing success – surpassing all community expectations!

Balmedie Beach Wheelchairs (BBW), located in Balmedie Country Park, Aberdeenshire (UK) is a non for profit facility that assists children and adults of all ages and abilities enjoy the beautiful, golden sands of Balmedie Beach with their families, friends and carers.

Their project Reach the Beach began in 2017. Now this glorious 14 miles of beach is being enjoyed and explored by a more diverse range of visitors than ever before.

BBW have expanded their resources and now offer an extensive array of specially adapted equipment which caters for the needs of all ages, sizes and abilities. Not only is there a selection of all terrain wheelchairs, including the much celebrated, Wheeleez® Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper®. Also in high demand is Wheeleez® All-Terrain Rollator, and even an All-Terrain Baby Buggy… all of which feature the unique and distinctive Wheeleez® balloon wheels which navigate the soft sand with absolute ease.

BBW’s mission statement: ‘Many families are excluded from places that are inaccessible to wheelchair users and those with more hidden disabilities. This makes much of the countryside no-go areas for some in our community. The Balmedie Beach Wheelchairs project aims to change that on Balmedie Beach’.

Fiona , a founder from Reach the Beach, acknowledged Wheeleez® for the role played in their hugely successful program, whilst we at team Wheeleez® are simply proud to be part of their story and to have played a part in helping more people with mobility issues … Reach the Beach.

A short story from one of the great Balmedie Beach Wherlchair users…

We had some wonderful visitors in the last few days. Dawn wanted to get her Mum Lorna on the beach where she spent her childhood. The problem was the wee Bothy they used to stay at along at Drums (used to be Newtyle). It was difficult terrain to cross. We managed to work a route using one of our walkers and Lorna got on to area of beach she used to live close to.

Dawns Uncle Malcolm Forbes came to see us too and brought books filled with history and fabulous photos of Salmon Bothys along Balmedie Beach. Malc knows this Beach very well and fished here for 60 years.

We hope to see them all again.

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