Assisting animals, mammals, wildlife and humans… for over 20 years!!

At Wheeleez® we are continuously amazed and so proud when we see all the great applications our wheels consistently provide to so many different individuals, organizations and industries. With this blog, we thought we would highlight and show what a great job our animal/ mammal/ wildlife/ human emergency management/ carers are providing with Wheeleez® wheels!

Wheeleez® low pressure balloon wheels are so different and unique to any other wheel on the market.
Manufactured from 100% USA made polyurethane, Wheeleez® low pressure balloon wheels really do Go Anywhere… soft sand, mud, grass, rocks, gravel and just about any uneven surface you think of. Of course, Wheeleez® wheels perform great over flat surfaces such as asphalt and concrete!

Our wheels do not dig ditches, and leave just a flat smooth surface on the sand or wherever they go… meaning low environmental impact. Wheeleez® Balloon Wheels are made from medical grade material, which is the same used in medical applications such as IV drip tubing etc. Great news, as this means there is no chance of any toxic leeching from our products into the environment that we all treasure so much. The softness of our polyurethane wheels create a ‘cushioning’ effect with very little or no vibration… providing a comfortable transport experience for precious cargo whether it be animal, wildlife, mammal or human!!

Go Anywhere safely and securely with