Wheeleez® and Beachwheels Australia Recognises the Importance of Sea Turtle Rescue

Turtle populations around the world are in decline due to a variety of factors, including habitat loss, pollution, and hunting. Of the seven species of turtles, 6 are considered endangered. Turtles in Trouble Rescue Inc., a non for profit organization, is there on the front line, rescuing and rehabilitating these precious creatures. Operating from  Great Sandy Straits Marine Park on the Fraser Coast, this group have been able to successfully rescue and release several hundred turtles back into the wild. The Wheeleez® Dolly 12 has demonstrated its versatility as a valuable piece of equipment which facilitates transportation of the stranded turtles across the  sand and mudflats so the turtles can be taken to the turtle hospital for treatment and then back again across difficult to navigate terrain, for their release. The Wheeleez® Dolly 12 was originally designed as a PWC dolly however, its uses are very versatile.

As turtle numbers are in steady decline, organisations such as Turtles in Trouble Rescue Inc. need and deserve community recognition and support. Every sick, stranded or injured turtle that is treated, provides invaluable data that assists in improving the plight of these now endangered species and provides opportunity to educate the public in regards to their role in the future of the turtles.

Beachwheels Australia is proud to be in association with Turtles in Trouble Rescue Inc. and love the fact that Wheeleez® Dolly 12 is now affectionately known as a ‘Turtle Trolley’. It is the perfect transportation device as it is strong, simple to use and the unique Wheeleez® polyurethane wheels facilitates easy manoeuvring across sand and mud even whilst under heavy payload, thereby helping volunteers get the turtles to where they need to be as quickly and easily as possible. “Sea turtles are a vital part of our ecosystem, and we are proud to be playing a small part in safeguarding their future existence”.

If you would like to learn more about Turtles in Trouble Rescue Inc. or donate to their cause, please visit their facebook page Turtles In Trouble Rescue Inc. and remember, when you purchase Wheeleez® you are not only getting 100% high-quality polyurethane wheels and products that can handle any terrain, you are also supporting organizations like Turtles in Trouble Rescue Inc. who are making a difference in the world.

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