beach wheelchair

Unleash Your Outdoor Adventures with the Wheeleez™ Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper®: With the Ultimate Accessory Range!

In a world where inclusivity and accessibility are paramount, the Wheeleez™ Sandcruiser® and Sandpiper® stand out as exceptional all-terrain/ beach wheelchairs that redefine mobility for individuals seeking adventure and freedom. These innovative chairs are designed to navigate just about any terrain with ease, from sandy shores to rugged trails, allowing users to explore the outdoors without limitations.

An act of Sandcruiser® kindness… bringing smiles and happiness to others!!

An act of Sandcruiser® kindness... bringing smiles and happiness to others!! When a year 9 Australian student Tayla Biscoe was recently on crutches and unable to go on an excursion to the beach with her school friends, she felt very left out. As a result, Tayla struggled to catch up at school, as the purpose of the [...]

The Wheeleez® Sandcruiser goes anywhere!!

The Sandcruiser® is an ‘All-Terrain Chair’ AND a ‘Beach Wheelchair’. A ‘Beach Wheelchair’ is primarily designed for beach/ water use, whereas the ‘All-Terrain Chair’ Sandcruiser® is designed with unique Wheeleez® polyurethane balloon wheels, allowing the user water access, PLUS a multitude of other terrains such as beach, gravel, grass, rural areas, trails, fishing, and tracks, etc... Sandcruiser® allows the user to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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