Convert your standard Wonder Wheeler®
and enjoy an effortless beach adventure this summer!

Are you tired of dragging your standard Wonder Wheeler® Beach Cart through the sand? Then upgrade with a Wheeleez® Beach Conversion Kit!! The unique Wheeleez® polyurethane balloon wheels will allow you to glide over the soft sand, rocks, grass and any other uneven surfaces. No more digging ditches or getting bogged half way to your destination when you install the Wheeleez® Beach Conversion Kit. Options include: 24cm or 30cm polyurethane balloon wheels and hardware.

To identify the best Wheeleez® Conversion Kit to suit your Wonder Wheeler® model, please visit our comparison chart.

Wheel Axle Kits…

Perfect for just about any project you can think of!!

Wheeleez® Wheel Axle Kits (WAK) are perfect for most DIY projects. Build, or improve your own beach cart, fishing cart, modifying a stroller, wheelchair or to move heavy equipment over challenging terrain. Our wheel/axle kits include all the hardware needed to install the Wheeleez® Balloon Wheels onto most subframes, and installing is easy. With a variety of wheels and kits to choose from, Wheeleez® provides the solutions to get you and your gear there easily!

1x WAK 24 and 1x WAK 30 Kit

Just thought I’d write a quick email to say how much we loved our balloon wheels. They worked wonderfully on our double pram which we pushed a couple of kilometers a night so we could take our kids with us while researching nesting turtles. I’ve attached a few pictures of our converted pram.

Thanks so much again for getting them to us in Darwin (Australia) so quickly.

Kind regards,

Andrea and Scott

2x WAK 30 Kits

Enjoying the beach!

I bought the DIY Wheel Kits from you and this is a pic of what I have made, I plan to attach the wheels onto a different pram later on, this was our trial run.

They worked great, easier then what I thought, just glided over the sand! Thank you guys so much!! My life will be so much more easier now and this will save my back a lot of straining as I used to carry my daughter down to the water. And she thinks its just awesome! I have shared your website onto a disability Facebook page and everyone is loving the idea!

Thanks again guys this is just wonderful : )

Maddie Kennedy

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