Where to find carts for the beach?

It’s that time when the family decided to go to the beach for a few days. It all went well until you realized the difficulty of transporting your things to the location. Asking for help can be difficult at times. You don’t want to go back and forth to the car to get your paraphernalia. Additionally, you don’t want to be seen carrying or dragging your belongings to the beach either. Add also the challenge of having the kids and attending to their basic needs and safety to the situation, it can be tough.

A beach cart will relieve a lot of the stress in getting everything to where you want to go. It’s handy and easy to use for carrying items such as blankets, pillows, food, toys, tents, chairs, tables, coolers, umbrellas, drinking water, and even your pets.

You want the whole experience to be as effortless as possible when pushing or pulling your cart through the sand. To do this, you need a beach cart equipped with WheelEEZ® balloon wheels, because they roll over, and won’t sink in the soft sand or mud. Investing in a quality beach cart that can easily roll on different and uneven terrains will save your day.

Indeed, going out on the beach with family once in a while can be relaxing. It’s when you can dedicate quality time to your kids and spouse, while making memorable experiences together. Escaping the demands of modern-day life, bonding with family allows you to spend time in their company. The last thing you need to worry about is beach equipment that does not work.

To make your next beach excursion more meaningful, you can choose from these dependable and quality beach carts. The WheelEEZ® Beach Cart-Folding is the perfect beach cart for carrying any size cooler for a picnic at the beach or park. This beach cart is also the ideal gardening cart, fishing cart, or utility
cart. Use the Beach Cart-Folding to move sensitive camera or sound equipment. It folds easily for compact storage and fits in small spaces. It has a payload of 75 kg (165 lbs).

If you are traveling with several friends or family members, you may consider acquiring a WheelEEZ® Beach Cart (pictured at top of page) which can transport all your beach items in usually one trip. The WheelEEZ® Beach Cart offers a payload of 100 kg (220lbs) and a huge tub capacity of 1 cbm (3.5 cbft)!! Made from anodized aluminium components, this cart will never rust. With its ability to cope with challenging terrains, it can also be used as a gardening tool or for other home improvement projects.




Another slightly lighter and smaller option…the WheelEEZ® Beach Cart Folding Mini  is the absolute companion for one or two persons going to the beach. This is for practical travellers who want to travel light. Without compromising quality, this cart is not only chic but also very versatile, compact and easy to use. Payload capacity 40 kg (100 lbs).

Next time you are planning a trip to the beach, choose a dependable beach cart which will provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for all with WheelEEZ® quality products.