• Wheeleez® Beach Cart

    Wheeleez® Beach Cart is the perfect solution to transport all your beach gear over soft sand or other challenging terrain in one trip. Wheeleez® Beach Cart is easy to travel with or store because the handle bar and kickstand fold and the wheels and axles can be removed without tools for compact storage and transporting. Wheeleez® Beach Cart is also ideal for gardening because our balloon wheels will never damage your sensitive vegetation.

  • Wheeleez® Beach Cart Folding

    Wheeleez® Beach Cart-Folding is the perfect beach cart for hauling coolers, picnic equipment, beach chairs, boogey board/surf equipment and umbrellas for a day at the beach. Wheeleez® Beach Cart-Folding is also ideal for gardening, moving sensitive camera and sound equipment or gear hauler for sporting events. With Wheeleez® Beach Cart-Folding you can enjoy the beach like never before. Wheeleez® Beach Cart-Folding with beach balloon wheels will not sink or plow into soft sand, soggy turf or other challenging terrain. Folds flat for storage and fits even in the smallest car.

  • Wheeleez® Beach Cart Folding Mini

    Wheeleez® Beach Cart Folding Mini is the perfect cart for singles or couples with smaller gear loads. Wheeleez® Beach Cart Folding Mini is also great when storage space is a concern, yet you still want to carry everything in one trip! Wheeleez® Beach Cart Folding Mini has a simple, secure folding design that even children can operate with ease.

  • Wheeleez® Kayak Cart Beach

    Wheeleez® Kayak Cart Beach is equipped with 30 cm Polyurethane Beach Wheels to transport your canoe or kayak with ease over soft sand and other challenging surface terrains. Carries up to 80 kg (176 lbs). Strong marine grade anodized aluminum tubing (3 mm wall thickness) means it is built to last. Includes 2-tie down straps to secure your kayak to the cart.

  • Wheeleez® Kayak Cart Mini

    Wheeleez® Kayak Cart-Mini is designed specifically for touring kayaks and is collapsible to fit into most kayak deck hatches including smaller day hatches. Equipped with 24 cm Polyurethane Beach Wheels to transport your kayak with ease over Soft Sand and Other Challenging Surface Terrain. Carries up to 55 kg (121 lbs).

  • Wheeleez® Paddleboard Rack

    Wheeleez® Paddle Board Rack Only. Requires separate cart. Recommend Wheeleez® Kayak Cart-Beach (WZ1-KCB) for soft sand or Wheeleez® (WZ1-KCC-TT) for hard surfaces.

  • Wheeleez® Standup Paddleboard Cart 3

    Wheeleez® Paddleboard Cart holds 3 boards and 3 paddles and is equipped with 30 cm Polyurethane Beach Balloon Wheels. Carries up to 80 kg (176 lbs) and is for soft sand and challenging terrain.

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